Trick or Treat


Halloween is a big favorite in the Rose house. This year Kaya got to have two Halloweens: one at school and one at home (mainly because the school had a very strict list of costume requirements and we needed something warm and durable).  At school, she went as a little monster.







And at home, we did an Alice in Wonderland theme.  Kaya liked trick or treating, although she missed some of the point and thought it was very fun to take candy out of her bag and give it to people when they opened the front door.  Nevertheless, we have enough candy at home to make us sick for a month.  Twizzler anyone?


1 thought on “Trick or Treat

  1. Hey, these are great pictures! Looks like ALL made this a fun day/night! Terrific costumes! Love the little “monster” and Alice; so cute. Also, love the pics in the gallery, especially Tom in the pink apron…a good cook always needs a good apron…good for creativity! Tracy /Tom look wonderful in your costumes! So funny!


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