Bienvenidos a Mila!

Our new au pair Mila arrived today from Colombia (via a few training days in NY) and the girls, Tommy, and his mom met her at the airport. A sleeping Maggie and I facetimed with her to say hello as well. We are very excited to integrate her into our family, even in the crazy disarrayed state that it is in currently. I hear they are off to the Museum of Life and Science tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

Today was a pretty blah day in the hospital – Maggie was a bit cranky for most of the day, and so was I. I found myself agitated at a bunch of little things today – for example, the food trays are never right. Whenever we transfer units, they reset our orders and send a random automatic assortment of food. But why would they ever send an auto-tray to a 16 month baby consisting of coffee, a bagel with syrup (?), chewy bacon, and plain oatmeal with no brown sugar or other mix-ins?!? And lunch was no better. Maggie’s neutrophil count did not quite reach 500, but at least went up a little for the last 2 days straight. She is still needing oxygen but a bit less than yesterday. Highlight of the day was seeing another baby on the unit celebrate her 1st birthday – she is the only other kid with Hurler’s I’ve ever met, and she is very cute. I only briefly walked by the celebrations though, since I was having a pretty blah day, but I did snag a piece of birthday cake.


3 thoughts on “Bienvenidos a Mila!

  1. So happy Maggie’s neutrophil count has been going up. This is very good news 2 days in a row. And I’m very glad her need for extra oxygen is going down some. 😀 Such a nice picture of Mila and the family. They all look very happy. Sorry about the hospital food today. I should have delivered today!!!!


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