Farewell 5200. Tour of the unit 2 of 3

Today we go inside room 5203, where Maggie lived for the last 45 days. She only left the unit twice during her stay (not counting the pre-discharge practice field trips on the last couple of days) to visit the PICU both times. Living in this room is a lot like living on a boat or RV. Everything is a smaller version of itself, and we have many fewer total things. Once you get used to it, having fewer things is actually really nice. Yay minimalism 🙂

2 thoughts on “Farewell 5200. Tour of the unit 2 of 3

  1. Oh! I thought you might take us from the Chamber of Cleanliness to the room. :o((
    I’m thinking that Maggie may have been in the same room as DS2 (when he was there 5 years ago.) Couldn’t recall the room number and a walking tour would have jogged my memory.


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