Maggie and I have settled back into Duke 5200 – this time we have a purple room on the right side of the unit, instead of a yellow room on the left. The parent “bed” (read: bench) seems less forgiving than I remember, otherwise, the room is pretty much the same as last admission.

Maggie had her pericardiocentesis this morning – they took off 50cc, which doesn’t sound like that much, but in my review of the literature, it’s maybe on the small side of average for effusions that get drained in a kid her size (5cc/kg). She did fine with the procedure, although was pretty cranky the rest of the day (from anesthesia? or having a drain in her heart? or being back in the hospital? or being tired from partying all night last night instead of sleeping? all of the above?). I read a few papers on post transplant pericardial effusions – they are more likely in young kids (<2), cord blood transplants, kids on cyclosporine, and maybe more common in kids with metabolic syndromes (the metabolic syndrome correlation is in the same direction in all the papers but not ever significant due to power – someone needs to do a meta-analysis. Someone other than me). Interestingly, one of the papers states that all the kids with effusions had vomiting beforehand, which doesn’t make any sense to me (and her team of docs here doesn’t think it’s related), but maybe is why she has been so pukey lately. I see absolutely no difference in her symptoms so far after drainage though. Anyway, we are here until her drain stops leaking fluid and we are settling in for the long weekend.  Here is Maggie pre-procedure today while she was still happy.



3 thoughts on “Meta-analysis

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