Dojo phone call

Kaya has impressed me so much lately – she is so responsible and I can literally see her learning to control her emotions at times (which is more than I can say for myself). Today she earned 10 dojo points (the reward system at school) and do you know what she chose as her prize? A phone call to me! I picked up the phone and had a 10 minute conversation with Kaya about life in the middle of the morning today (which was great, because I thought maybe they were calling because she had punched somebody or broken a leg or something). And here is her formal first grade picture. Such a grownup.


2 thoughts on “Dojo phone call

  1. What a sweet picture of sweetie pie Kaya. I bet you were surprised when she called! It’s a nice reward system the school has. I hate to sound like a Bozo, but what does a DoJo mean? Close to Robo?


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