Schizophrenic Eyes

I’ve learned a lot of things in the past three weeks.  For example, diapers are expensive.  Showers are sometimes hard to come by.  Carrying a baby plus a carseat up to a third floor walk-up apartment is not very easy.  It’s possible to give birth to a 6 pound baby and somehow lose less than six pounds.

Another thing I learned is that babies don’t have very good control of their eyes at birth.  While they can see, they can’t focus very well and commonly look cross-eyed.  They also don’t make eye contact, except by accident, and don’t track voices very well.  This is reminiscent of my days as a medical student on the psychiatry service.  I saw a lot of patients with schizophrenia, and I would know when they were hearing voices in their head, because all of a sudden they would look over my shoulder or to a corner of the room where nobody was, and appear as though they were listening to something.  Well, Kaya does the same thing.  I call this her schizophrenia look:

1 thought on “Schizophrenic Eyes

  1. Congratulations to the three of you! (I just figured out that I could reply) I am happy to hear that I am going to get to meet Kaya soon! I am so excited! Thanks for letting us peak in on your new baby girl. It is a thrill. She is wonderful, but I guess that you already figured that out.
    Take care of yourselves and I will see you all very soon!

    Love you!!!
    Aunt Kim


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