Belated Virtual Christmas Card!

Lots of big news from the Rose family lately, but no time to write blog posts. But I am taking 2 minutes to post this picture of my littles which never made it out for Christmas cards this year – growing up!


A Toy Story Halloween

Our family theme this year was Toy Story. We also went to our first Halloween party, which was awesome. So much more fun to be around an awesome group of adults who are all dressed up as well. The costumes were amazing.

Breaking Ground on TheRealRoseHouse

After many years, we have finally broken ground on the TheRealRoseHouse! A major milestone. We brought the kids down to check out the clearing, but they were more interested in the rock pile, which they played in for an hour. Maggie could not be separated from it without screaming, and Laney tried to smuggle home a head-sized cache of gravel in her dress.

26.2mi – a Marathon – in parts

We’re super proud of Kaya for finishing the CES marathon in parts. It’s an event where kids run 26.2 miles over the course of a month. Kaya was really dedicated to this and ran laps around our neighborhood most nights for a month. She completed the last 12 miles in one weekend which consisted of 4x 5k’s followed by a finishing 1mi sprint.