Out on the town

We’ve begun to get semi-comfortable with taking Kaya out of the house.  As of now, it still requires a delicately timed departure and some planning to do anything substantial.  And she’s still much too unpredictable to take her anywhere it’s a problem if she cries.

So far, we’ve been out to dinner a few times, including a nice dinner at Joe’s on the waterfront.  We’ve taken a few trips to Target, and gone to Staples, Rite Aid, and Trader Joes.  Kaya, Max, and I take daily walks to the dog park.  Kaya loves to be in her stroller as long as it’s moving, which results in frequent and extended walks around the neighborhood.

We’ve gone to the drive-in movie theater twice – we saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Paranorman.  There’s only two screens that play per night, so we didn’t get any choice in what movies to see, but we didn’t really care.  Timothy Green was decent. Paranorman was obviously made for kids and didn’t really do it for me.

Here’s a nice pic of Tommy and Kaya at the local Thai place:


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