Bon Voyage

We applied for Kaya’s passport last weekend.  The rules for getting a baby a passport are remarkably strict: Both parents have to show up in person with their passports with the baby, the baby’s birth certificate, photo, social security card, a completed application, and an $80 money order.  We managed to bring everything, but our photo was rejected because of “too many shadows.”  Conveniently, they took the photo for us again, for a mere $15.  But, hopefully Kaya will be getting her passport in the mail soon.  Now we just need to plan a trip.  Here’s our rejected photo:

1 thought on “Bon Voyage

  1. This does not surprise me that Kaya will be flown out of the country! She has done so much travelling so far, why not do more!! Have a great trip wherever and with whomever you are going. Should be fun! Africa, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Romania, Hungary, Carribbean?? Maybe she could learn a new language before she goes. Have fun planning! This is a darling picture…rules are rules…never heard of shadow rules!! Any vaccinations?


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