Nordstrom wins

At this point I’ve gotten pretty used to breastfeeding while I’m not at home in many different places (restaurants, the car, the gym, airports, Fenway Park, rest stops, museums, to name a few).  However, may I make a formal recommendation that the best place to nurse while not at home is Nordstrom.  Their women’s bathrooms come with a separate lounge area complete with changing station, sink, and fancy chairs which seem to even be designed for nursing.  You see, most chairs have armrests on either side, which babies like to kick off of while they eat, resulting in a difficult nursing session for mommy.  Well, Nordstrom has thought of this, and I am thankful.  And I promise to one day buy something in your store as a thank you.

2 thoughts on “Nordstrom wins

  1. Oh, the Neiman Marcus bathrooms are pretty nice as well. They’re usually located near their home goods section. That’s my preferred bathroom when you go to Prudential/Copley.


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