Taxes put to use

We park in an alley that is technically a street, as there are a couple apartments whose only street access is this alley. Well, Brookline was doing some maintenance work and had to block off the entry to the alley for about a week. Those of us that park there were given passes to park on a different street for a week. However, it created a potential fire hazard for those few apartments (maybe 6 of them?) as fire trucks wouldn’t be able to access them. Brookline’s solution? Park a fire truck in the alley THE WHOLE WEEK and hire a fireman to hang out with it at all times, just in case. No wonder property taxes in Brookline are so high!


2 thoughts on “Taxes put to use

  1. I’m glad they left the truck there. I thought it was a great example of government in action. I couldn’t believe the level of coordination required to get something like this right. It has forced me to rethink my entire view of government effectiveness.

    Why is it that some large organizations work so well, and others are horribly inefficient? For all my study of this exact area, the details remain a mystery to me.


  2. Good advance thinking on the part of the Brookline community/fire dept.. Think of the potential lawsuits(or worse) if there were actually a fire and no trucks could access the building. As far as an employee sitting in the truck all day, not so sure about that, but if other trucks were too busy to transport employees to a fire in this area and this truck created one less in the fleet, perhaps it was good use of taxpayers money. However, since it was only ONE employee, I think the dept. would have to transport other fire employees to the scene of the fire, therefore maybe a waste of money to have just one employee there. Many employees in the truck or none! Or perhaps that one employee was protecting the truck itself from vandalism, etc. I think this may be more likely the reason for the truck to be guarded all day/night.


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