Boston wakes up

The T is still not running out to us yet, so we Bjorned the baby and took a hike out to Coolidge Corner for lunch and shopping.  And we found out the rest of Brookline did the same thing!  We had some crepes and then went to Magic Beans to buy a high chair and look at convertible carseats.  Kaya had definite high chair preferences – she screamed bloody murder when put in the Tripp Trapp – but liked the Bloom highchair a lot.  Unfortunately, that one costs over 500 dollars.  We finally decided to go with the Oxo Tot Sprout Chair – and we’re excited about it! (This is Kaya trying the Boon Flair, a close second choice)


2 thoughts on “Boston wakes up

  1. I’d scream with the Tripp Trapp too!! Just the name screams of negativism! I looked the OXO sprouter up on the Web. It looks great! Very versatile and ready for more growth!! Love the green seats and wooden legs! I also like the safety straps. Yay! (b/c Kaya is very active!!!)


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