Things I learned today

Today we were all forced to stay inside due to the crazy manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers.  I followed the saga closely since it started right as Kaya spiked a fever and we were up nearly hourly last night.  A few things I’ve learned today:

1.  It is really hard to entertain an 8 month old in a small apartment all day, especially a cranky one with a fever.  She smiled once today, because she likes the camera.  The rest of the time she complained that it was 70 degrees outside and 102 degrees in her body and we were inside.










2.  You should always plan that there might be a full city lockdown and the mail won’t get delivered, which means your next supply of diapers won’t be delivered, which means your baby might run out of diapers and you have no way to restock.  Leave at least a one day buffer for unplanned manhunts.

3.  Tommy still manages to be on business calls all day even when no one else in the city is working.

4. People from Chechnya are called Chechens.

5.  There is a Umass – Dartmouth, which is in North Dartmouth, MA, which is not near Dartmouth University.

6.  EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal.  What does ordnance mean?  I don’t know.

7. The Boston Police rock.  This crowd told me so.


1 thought on “Things I learned today

  1. Whew! I was glad to see you didn’t list “your mother will text you at 5:30 in the morning to tell you that your city is on Lockdown!” P.S. So glad this saga is all over and you all are safe…Still, there is the hope that those injured are getting better, prayers for those families who are grieving and the gratitude that Boston (and the rest of us!) is on its way to recovery. I hope little Kaya feels better soon!


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