Airplanes are fun

I carried an entire extra bag of toys on the plane to Boston for Kaya’s entertainment.  Each toy lasted about 5 minutes, and we brought 15 toys for the 2 hour plane ride which took up 75 minutes.  Repeat toys last 1 minute each plus the airplane snacks and a diaper change rounded out the schedule.  Kaya did great, but I was exhausted.  Thank god for pop chips!



3 thoughts on “Airplanes are fun

  1. But Kaya brought you your shoes in Boston. That must have saved you at least 5 seconds. So it’s all worth it. 😉

    We miss her already. That sounds exhausting but you should come to Boston again. Haha.


  2. To say the least, yes, toddlers are exhausting! Tracy, today on the plane there was a little girl who looked like Kaya…ponytail in middle of head and all. She screamed when the plane descended the slightest bit. I bet her ears were bothering her…


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