Birth Story

Because we know you want to know.

Kaya’s school has an annual fall event where they host a potluck and show off the kids’ “artwork.”  I had to work last year (thank you fellowship) and was looking forward to it this year.  So I decided I’d like labor to start after that event and a nice afternoon nap, two days before the due date (the due date being 11/17, just for clarification Mom).  And that’s pretty much how it went.

I had Tommy take this picture of me right after we put Kaya to bed Saturday night so I could compare it to my 40 week picture from 2 years ago. (2014 on the left) because I felt like we weren’t going to get another chance. I was just having mild contractions when we went to bed Saturday night.

DSC_9362 7662197252_b8a8ff7ac8_o

Labor turned legit around 2am and we called Aunt Laura over around 4am to watch Kaya.  I decided I wanted to see Kaya before I left to tell her goodbye in person.  Luckily, she has been waking up early frequently since Daylight Saving (never thought I’d say that!) and she woke up by 6:30am.  This is her kissing her baby sister good luck before we left.  This picture was taken at 6:44am.


We drove the 20 minutes to the birthing center (where we had relatively last minute decided to deliver).  We arrived at 7:11am and Laney was born at 8:03am – we didn’t have time to take any pictures between those time points! We ended up having a water birth (which we did not plan but a warm bath sounded pretty good at that point).  Here’s a picture of the birthing suite (minus the bathtub):


She was also born “en caul,” meaning with her amniotic sac intact (i.e. my water never broke) which is relatively rare as many hospitals will artificially rupture the membranes these days.  A google search after we got home reveals en caul births are considered very lucky in many cultures and lore about them is rampant.  Some think people born en caul can never drown, some think they have clairvoyance.  So… psychic or sailor?


Laura and Dylan brought Kaya to visit around noon and then we all went home as a family, getting home around 1pm – only about 7 hours after we had left! And then we took a family nap!

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