Elf in a bin

We packed up the Christmas decorations today. I have two toddler observations:
1. It is not a good idea to pack Elf in a transparent bin and leave it out for your toddler to see.
2. Toddlers can teach us something about gratitude and satisfaction.  Gammy made Kaya a collection of 24 wrapped books at the beginning of December, with the theory that she would unwrap one a day and get to read a new Christmas book each night. The first night went great – she unwrapped a book and we read it and she loved it.  However, she wanted to read that book every night. I got her to open two more books, which she didn’t like as much as the first, and then she refused to open any more books. Why would she need a new book when she had a book she liked already? So we now have 21 leftover books – we’ll try again next year! Maybe she’ll be more greedy then.


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