4 Months!

The combination of Laney’s 4 month birthday occurring on a Monday and her getting sick this week means we were a few days late taking her 4 month picture. I think it’s a +/- 5 day window for second children anyway. And luckily, we are fever-free now. (She is watching Kaya sing “Las mariposas van por el aire, vuelan, vuelan, vuelan, vuelan, vuelan” in this picture). (That took me forever to type because my helpful computer autocorrected every one of those to violin and I had to change them back).


5 thoughts on “4 Months!

  1. Awww. Can’t believe she’s 4 months old now. Do you speak to Kaya in English or Spanish? And does she have an American accent when she speaks Spanish?


  2. Such a cutie! As I recall with Kaya’s 4 month picture, Laney received a little help from the mommy in regards to posing! She is darling in the way she is looking at her big sister sing.


  3. Yes – this position didn’t last long! She’s on her way down in this picture for sure.

    And we speak to kaya in English. But her spanish is quite good and she does not have an american accent. In fact, if I say a word in Spanish she will correct my pronunciation and can’t understand why I can’t say it right


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