One month already!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since Orly was born – time flies fastest with a newborn. People say the days are long but years are short. Well I think everything is short. Last baby syndrome, perhaps.

This time we have a wealth of options for taking one month photos – we continued our traditional pictures and also snapped one with a really beautiful blanket we received as a present. So blessed! (And for reference, Kaya/Laney/Maggie one month pictures added as well).

3 months

Tis the end of the 4th trimester! Happy 3 months to Maggie. She has already traveled to California, Nevada, Illinois, and Florida. She is sleeping pretty well and is very excited to stay home with Gammy all month. She is rolling front to back and holding her head up pretty well. And smiling a lot. Unfortunately we lost the background blanket for the 3 month shot – if anyone is good with photoshop let me know and I’ll give you 20 bucks to just copy and paste it behind her.


Two months!

Maggie has flown by her two month mark and is growing super fast. She barely fits in her bed anymore! I like her two month picture, because it showcases her trademark punk rocker hair. And her baby jowls!


12 months! (kinda)

We could have taken this picture when Laney was 12 months on one of those balmy 70 degree December days we had. But we decided to wait until it was 40 degrees to take an outside picture of Laney in spaghetti straps. She didn’t seem to mind our procrastination, though! Congratulations to Laney (and more importantly to Tommy, who helps me kicking and screaming each month) on completion of her monthly photos!