Everyone tells me the girls look alike, although I’ve had a hard time seeing it (I think Laney looks like Tommy, and Kaya just looks like Kaya to me!). Laney finally feels solid enough that I think if Kaya were to throw her aside at this point, she’d be fine. So I can now take pictures like this:


4 thoughts on “Solid

  1. Laney looks like a redhead BUT so did Kaya in the early months! We shall see. I see a resemblance to Kaya….I don’t see Tommy yet in her or you. Babies change so much in that first year or two…or even the first 20 years! Such a cute picture!

    PS. Can’t post on the Easter Bunny picture…Flickr problem…


  2. Here’s a Sesame Street Answer
    Same: Beautiful, adorable, smiling, having fun, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth
    Different: Teeth, where are the teeth on the little one?

    I’ve been loving all the photos & thanks for the new posts. Miss you and love you.


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