The Kingdom 6

We took the girls camping this weekend at Hanging Rock State Park with Yoya and Dylan.  The weather was absolutely perfect and we got to try out our new SUV of a tent. Poor Yoya and Dylan had to sleep super close to our whiny children and our mammoth tent! (I also want to point out that every other family in the campground also had a Kingdom 6). Yoya tried to escape but couldn’t make it all the way up Hanging Rock.

DSC_1446 DSC_1497

3 thoughts on “The Kingdom 6

  1. How did the Rose Kingdom 4 find their accommodations? Roomy? Guess you bought with room to spare! Very nice tent! The Buffum Bungalow looks cute and comfy! I bet it was lots of fun! Glad the Large and Growly Bear remained a distance away. I’ll take the Holiday Inn down the road! Laura! Where is your safety climbing gear?


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