5 thoughts on “Seven months (and 12 days)

  1. A stunning beauty. Right on schedule with her red hair. And those wonderful blue eyes – wow. I love the way she looks like Kaya’s 7 mo picture too. Thanks!


  2. Those big blue sparkling eyes! The beautiful red hair…..I wonder if it will turn to blonde like Kaya’s. I did think Kaya would be a redhead there for awhile! I think the blue eyes will stay! Wow-six to seven months went fast!


  3. Wow! Whose child is this? It doesn’t look like “my” Laney, at all!!! I think it must be the way the light really caught her red highlights and the more serious look on her face. Goodness, how she’s grown!


  4. We took the picture outside so maybe the bright light made her hair look red. And Joy, I love that you spend all day with my kids and then read our blog at night 🙂


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