3 thoughts on “Prepared

  1. Repeat Performance!! She is a trip! Look at that face…what a darling Kaya smile! I bet the jacket is new! When Kaya has something specific in mind, there is no turning back! Although, this could be the “two going on 3’s”. I know when we went to the Science Museum in June and she insisted on her hoody in 80+ degrees, pretty soon she was exclaiming, “I Am Hot” ! Ya gotta laugh! Remind me to go into detail about our McDonalds adventure! So funny, but not to Kaya. Pretty soon she accepted reality! And then everything was great!


  2. Um, Kaya… coat, hat, AND mittens is SLIGHTLY overkill for 75 degrees! A sweater, MAYBE, but the rest of it?? Not so much. LOL


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