Busy no more

When Laney was born, Aunt Kris gave Kaya a “busy bag” filled with lots of wrapped up presents. So, when I was busy with the new baby, Kaya could get a new toy out of her busy bag to play with. It worked beautifully, although we quickly learned to restrict the toy allocation to one per day. Kaya had mixed feelings about opening the last toy the other day (yes, the bag lasted 8 months!): a glow in the dark necklace. Her busy bag is now no more (although I’m tempted to hoard any birthday gifts she gets and put them in a bag for the same purpose). Thanks Kris!


4 thoughts on “Busy no more

  1. She showed me the bag the last time I was there and she immediately took two out! I forgot to ask you about this bag of goodies! Cute idea – especially when there is a new sibling!


  2. Kaya opened a gift from her Busy Bag when I was there last week. (It was the first time on my watch.) I’m so glad you posted about the bag’s beginnings. What a GREAT idea to keep a preschooler occupied while you are busy with the baby!!! MUST. Remember. This!!!


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