Lookout, T-Rex!

We took a family trip to the Maneo Acquarium, which, for some reason, has a killer exhibit with life-sized, animatronic dinosaurs that roar at you. The expression on Kaya’s face is real and is something she does all the time when she hears noises that she doesn’t like. (She has become quite noise-sensitive these days.) My facial expression is fake to match the scene, and the T-Rex is of course, real.

T-Rex attack

3 thoughts on “Lookout, T-Rex!

  1. Kaya’s expression is quite real. And we all know daddy’s is not! I wish I had not lost all the great hard plastic dinosaurs I saved for grandkids. We had all the varieties! I think they slipped away during my move many years ago. They were in a transparent container and labeled. They also were silent!


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