Kaya is currently going through an “I don’t want to sleep alone stage.” As soon as we get around to it, the girls are going to share a room. But in the meantime, we insist on her sleeping in her room. And she insists on sleeping as close to us as possible. And this is the outcome. She also refused to put on her pajamas the night this picture was taken in typical threenager fashion.


6 thoughts on “Proximity

  1. Hahahahahahaha. Love her! She’s so smart!

    In China, everyone co-slept so when I first came to the States, I didn’t want to sleep alone. I insisted on sleeping on my parents’ bedroom floor rather than in a bed in my own room. They’re like, “you’re a big girl. You should sleep alone.” I’m like, “well you two are older than me. Why aren’t you sleeping alone?” My mom said, “dad and I need to be together to ensure that we continue to love each other.” I was thinking, “that sounds bogus.” Then I slept on their floor for a bit longer. Hahahahaha.

    I just started sleep training Audrey last night. It is horrible!!!


  2. There was a “real bear” in my room when I was three. My mother and father let me sleep between them whenever the bear scared me and I went into their room. I was so happy and unafraid whenever they believed me and let me up into their bed. I will always be grateful for this! And I had two sisters sleeping in my room with me! I have a feeling that Kaya just needs some extra security right now …… maybe tell her that she can start out in her bed and if she gets scared she can go into your bed. Chances are, she will fall asleep before she does that. If not, try letting her sleep with you whenever she is afraid (lonely) then tell her that when she is brave, she can sleep in her bed but you will help her when she feels afraid or lonely. Also, when she was here overnight, she liked the two soft night lights in her room; one in the hall, one in the bathroom and one in the entry to my room. Good luck. PS. I didn’t sleep in my parents room every night…only when the bear came around!


  3. What is sleep training? I just did a quick google of Dr. Sears info….doesn’t look any different than regular…bath,book,drink,bed. What is Tommy’s secret to a successful bedtime? Incidentally, I had no trouble here with Kaya but that was 3 months ago! Things can change in a flash! And she loved all the night-lights. PS Love Lynn’s post! Hahaha


    • Sleep training is teaching the baby to “self soothe” essentially by letting them cry until they figure out that crying doesn’t do any good. So it takes a few nights of listening to them cry until they figure it out.


  4. Oh, new term! Many babies need that little fuss time before drifting off to sleep. It’s only when it becomes too much of a cry that intervention is needed. Most parents can tell the difference. It is horrible to hear your baby cry too long! I don’t like that, either!


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