Last week Laney was obsessed with shoes. This week, she’s obsessed with buckles. When we arrive at any destination and unbuckle her carseat straps, she insists on rebuckling them. Then says “buckle” and asks to be unbuckled, so she can buckle them again. Repeat x 25. It may even be more than 25, but that’s the highest number I’ve had the patience to get up to. She sure does love it though.


3 thoughts on “Buckle

  1. Ha ha…..darling. She also probably loves the word “buckle”…..a new word for her. It is so cute the way she zeros in on particular things. Hopefully she doesn’t learn to UNbuckle! 😆


  2. Hmm… I guess that’s why she pitched a fit when I only repeated “buckle” and proceeded to unbuckle, ATTEMPT to take her out, suffer the backlash…


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