King Marty

Kaya and Laney’s dog uncle Marty is staying with us for a while so he doesn’t pee all over Grandma Baba’s new carpet. He’s adjusting just fine to the Rose family, although he and Kaya are battling for third position on the totem pole. At night when Kaya is tired, she lets her guard down. This is a picture of him stealing her pillow and poor Kaya curled up in the middle of her bed pillowless. King Marty wins again.


3 thoughts on “King Marty

  1. Oh no! Tell Kaya to tell Marty “move over, Marty”. Generally he does, after several even tempered voice commands and an arm gesture towards where you want him to go! It amazes me that he moves. Hope it works!


  2. Poor Kaya!! (In Marty’s defense, when I asked her about him being in her bed a couple of weeks ago, Kaya told me that it was OK with her.)


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