Go Devils

We are now officially season ticket holders for Duke Football – we’ve been to two games so far. The first was rainy and we barely made it past halftime since the kids needed to go to bed (it was a 6:30 game). The second game Duke played pretty terribly and it was too hot for football. We made it to the beginning of the last quarter though. Luckily the team is away for a few weeks so the kids will get a break from football (Kaya actually asked on the way home last game if next time we could go to a baseball game instead – admittedly the Bulls really have figured out how to make the little ones happy and Duke could use some lessons).


2 thoughts on “Go Devils

  1. Such a cute pic of Laney and you, Tracy! Kaya looks like she is following the game! Anytime you feel the need for a kid-free game, you know where to drop them off on your way to Duke!


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