School was closed on Friday and Kaya’s favorite activity these days is gymnastics, so she spent the day at gymnastics camp. About 20 minutes before it was over, she jumped off a vault (as instructed, I believe) but landed poorly and snapped her radius and ulna. We spent the evening in the ED while they reduced and splinted her “BBFF” (both bone forearm fracture) and she’s in a long cast for the next month or so. She did pretty well through the experience (except when they tried to take the tape off her arm at the IV site before we left), but had a rough weekend adjusting to new functional limitations and pain. She finally went back to school today.


3 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. Oh, no!!! I suppose a day at the museum with Miss Joy is sounding a bit better now (than before the Big Break?!?!) Glad you’re feeling better, Kaya.


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