Happy Valentine’s Morning!

Tommy and I have a record of imperfect Valentine’s Days. No matter how hard we try, something always happens. There was the year we met each other in Asheville during college only for me to get the flu and be unable to leave the bed in our hotel all weekend. Or the year where Tommy got food poisoning in Nashville. I’ve had to work overnight in the hospital several Valentine’s Days and we’ve been otherwise apart countless times for one reason or another. This year, however, we had a whole hour in the morning before work/school to celebrate with chocolate and presents. And then, you know, Tommy flew to Boston for two days and Kaya spent the evening with intractable vomiting. But the morning was great.

This is a picture of Kaya asleep (actually asleep) at the kitchen table with the vomit bucket I borrowed from the hospital during my first trimester. (She was at the table because although she didn’t eat dinner, she didn’t want to be alone so she came to the table to watch Laney and I eat). Poor Kaya!



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