Welcome Maggie!

A big league, HUGE Rose family welcome to our new baby girl, named Magnolia Jane Rose. We are calling her Maggie. Born March 9 at exactly 8am. She weighed a lovely 7 lbs 3 oz, and was 20 inches long.

After fighting a horrendous cold all week, I finally took off most of the day on Wednesday to rest. And apparently it was enough rest for Maggie to think labor would be appropriate to add on to the mix. I woke up with consistent contractions Thursday around 4:30am, woke up Tommy at 5:30 and texted Grandma asking her to arrive at 6:30. And when 6:30 arrived, I woke up the girls to say goodbye. I then lasted about 2 minutes before I realized the meditation/relaxation required to endure labor does not mix well with my children first thing in the morning. I eventually unhinged myself from the kids, and we left for the hospital.

In triage – about 30 minutes prior to delivery

We checked into triage at 7:17. I then was told I was 6cm dilated about 7:40ish, which surprised me as that was a lower number at arrival than with either of my other kids but I felt pretty far through it. Then, within 5-10 minutes, I was trying to find a call button because triage no longer felt appropriate. I then got a tv-worthy ride down the hall to an actual delivery room, where I pushed for 3 minutes and gave birth at precisely 8am. Interestingly, Maggie was born “en caul” (as was Laney) – meaning within her amniotic sac. Laney’s was a water birth so I didn’t get a great look at what was going on, but this time, it was fascinating to see the blue membrane still over her body and face, which was then manually removed gently by our midwife. En caul births are pretty rare, but two has gotta be special. (They are rare enough that our midwife had to gently remind our nurse that it was silly to stimulate the baby to cry when its face is still encased in a sack).

Baby Maggie!

Also, a highlight of our day was that the midwife on call was Cherese, who also delivered Laney. It was nice to have a friendly, calm face that we knew. My only complaint about the day was that when I ordered french toast from the cafeteria after delivery, it took them an hour and they brought me ONE piece of white bread french toast. One piece! Enough to feed one of my fingers. Luckily we made up for it with other food.

7 lbs 3 oz and loving it

We got discharged same day around 4pm and Kaya and Laney were just coming home from school when we arrived. Tommy actually managed to make dinner for our family, Grandma Baba, and Yoya and Dylan who came over and brought sundae fixins. Then we collapsed in bed.

The three sisters meet

2 thoughts on “Welcome Maggie!

  1. Maggie is darling. The girls are ecstatic!…so happy, running around, clapping, singing, and watching Maggie. I will never forget their reactions when they found out she was born. Such lovely little smiles! 😄😄 Congrats to all!


  2. Wow!! The doctor does midwife deliveries? I find that rather interesting. So glad to hear that everything went well. Looking forward to meeting Maggie and seeing Kaya and Laney again!


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