OBX 2017

This year we headed to Duck a bit earlier and caught the 4th of July in OBX. It was a great week, although I was admittedly less active than prior years and feel like I sat around a lot of the week (maybe that’s a good thing – it was the beginning of the Rose plague). Kaya and Laney are old enough to finally fall in love with swimming in the ocean and jumping waves – they were downright insatiable. Maggie took a few good beach naps herself. Next year I am going to promise myself to actually get to ride a wave or two without holding up a kid. Many thanks to all the participants for making it such a great successful week!


2 thoughts on “OBX 2017

  1. I see s pattern here around 2 years of age. Your turn is coming Maggie in about a year and a half. Glad I’m not there to see this actually happen, No room for human error! Not a grandma approved stunt.


  2. Nice shot, Tracy!! Even though Laney’s arms and legs appear somewhat relaxed, her face still shows a fair amount of concern. Next year is sure to be a game changer.


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