Saying goodbye

We spent last weekend in Northern New Jersey at a “celebration of life” to remember Tommy’s grandmother Blanche and his Aunt Kate who recently passed away. I actually missed much of the actual services because the kids weren’t in a mood to stay quiet and listen to speeches, but the weekend was a nice way to remember “GG” (stands for great grandma) and Kate. A number of friends had suggested leaving the kids at home (you know, instead of making them spend 24 hours driving in the car like we did – that is not an exaggeration), but I was really glad to have them there. They represent joy and youthfulness and the future, and they are always so wonderful to travel with – inquisitive, energetic, and full of wonder, even at a funeral life celebration. We will miss you Blanche and Kate. And since no one really takes pictures at a funeral celebration of life, here’s one of Maggie sleeping on the floor of our hotel pre-services.



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