6 months!

Maggie is almost 7 months and I realized I never posted this photo (which was actually taken on time, I swear). Half a year already! She is growing and learning and in (mostly) good spirits! Happy 6 months Maggie!

DSC_5854 copy

3 thoughts on “6 months!

  1. Such a sweetie…loves to smile at you. She studies all our faces! She loves looking all around. Joy, her hair has a bit of red like Kaya’s did. I’m wondering what color it will be, too. It does seem darker than both girls at this age.


  2. I am hoping and praying this little girl gets better real soon. She has been struggling with congestion and coughing and eyes tearing for about three months. Sometimes it is difficult for her to drink the bottle because she needs to take some breaths when her nose is all stopped up. Maggie manages to be a happy, smiling, and curious baby….learning everyday. If this is allergies, I hope they disappear soon……..dust mites, dog dander, mold, carpets, fragrances, air conditioning, who knows.


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