Snow Days

We a HUGE amount of snow for a typical winter here and the kids only went to school one day this week. It was measuring between 7 and 10 inches around the Chapel Hill area, which is unheard of for these parts. Luckily, the kids actually have snowpants and snowboots that fit, and we ventured out into the winter wonderland. Tommy even made it back from Boston before the storm hit. Poor Angelica has been stuck inside with 3 kids most of the week – but she was smiling when playing in the snow – this pic is definitely going on our Au Pair recruitment page next year.



2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Laney looks a LOT happier with the snow than she did last winter! Wonder if that’s because she’s riding in the wagon instead of attempting to tromp through the snow on her own two feet??? Either way, everyone seems to be having an absolute BLAST!!


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