By the months…

I got a new computer about 4-5 months ago, which has been great with one exception: I no longer have a SD card slot, so when we use our fancy camera (which is less and less often as it’s kinda hard to hold that big camera and 3 children), it is hard for me to get the pictures off without digging out my old computer which inevitably needs software updates or is out of power or nowhere to be found.

A long explanation for why posting of Maggie’s monthly pictures has lagged – but may I present you with Maggie-by-the-month. These were actually taken on time but just not posted, I swear. We took her 11 month picture this morning with 16 hours to spare!

maggie8monthsmaggie - 9monthsmaggie10months11 months - maggie



2 thoughts on “By the months…

  1. These are really cute and fun pictures of Miss Maggie! I love her expressions! Clapping in month 9, laughing in 8, standing while holding on with both hands in 10, and that impish smile in 11 are adorable. Will she be up for running in the 12 month picture is a far fetch, but who knows; she might fool us!


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