Day -10

A successful day one! Or minus 10, depending how you count. Maggie had a Hickman placed, an NG tube placed, and a skin biopsy (still don’t fully understand the rationale for the skin biopsy – something about fibroblast culture to inform chimerism studies in the future, as it seems that skin fibroblasts are derived from blood cells). I’ve decided it’s pretty near impossible to keep an NG tube in a 15 month old for two + months, but we’re going to try. We’ve already played with all the toys I brought 3 times. And continuous pulse ox is my nemesis. Tonight she starts her chemo with busulfan every 6 hours. We were up at 4am today for a 6am time of arrival, so I’m going to attempt a bit of sleep before the fun hits. Welcome to all the new readers – based on blog stats, you are plentiful.



4 thoughts on “Day -10

  1. Hi sweetie pie, Maggie. I miss you already! I guess that is the NG tube coming out of your nose. I wouldn’t want that either! But just remember what the cow says…..m–m-m moo ….it’s good for you. Be good and tell mommy thanks for letting us know today’s news. Love your picture. It looks like you’re saying, “well, here I am at Duke University, skipped all the lower grades and I got early acceptance!”


  2. Tracy, I wish we lived closer by so I could offer to help in person! Sending lots of prayers for Maggie and your entire family. If there is something we can do from MD to help, please don’t hesitate to ask!


  3. Tracy,Tommy and family you are all in our prayers. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do.
    Kevin and family


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