Every night I feel the need to write two blog posts – one each for the split factions of our family. The mommy/Maggie faction had a rougher day today on day +3. She had a fever pretty much all day and clearly did not feel well. She is eating minimally and pain medicine didn’t help so much, as I think her crankiness was mainly driven by her fevers. She is feeling slightly better tonight, and getting her first bag of platelets as I write this.

The other family faction had an action-packed day in Boston – I was texted a photo diary which looked to include a trip to play with Audrey, a Red Sox game, a rickshaw ride, a ride on the T, a stop by our old house for a slideshow by Peter’s (our old landlord) son, and meals at O’Leary’s (our old local Irish pub) and Zaftig’s (our old Jewish deli – really need a Zaftig’s in Chapel Hill).


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