First Haircut

Not exactly the first haircut I had in mind for Maggie, but I really think those pigtails were weighing her down. So introducing the new beautifully bald Magnolia Rose. Poor baldy is still having high fevers (like 104ish) every 6 hours – I assumed the worst of some undiagnosed severe infection, but her team made me feel a little better by suggesting she could just have early engraftment syndrome (apparently “pre-engraftment syndrome” is a thing that happens with cord transplants and day +5 is not out of the question). But she is undergoing a big fever workup and pretty much cycling between fever misery and feeling okay every few hours. Stingy Duke has even let us have some apparently pricey IV Tylenol – big spenders! Here’s the slightly-lighter Maggie during one of her good hours today.


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