Maggie and I are spending another night in the PICU but I think she seems better on the steroids they started. Her fevers are definitely improving and I *think* so is her breathing – she has a new cough and is being treated for pulmonary edema. Now we are in essentially a waiting game for the next couple of weeks until Maggie’s new blood cells grow, hopefully newer better enzyme-producing blood cells. She seems more settled tonight, but has not smiled at me all day and I only got one weak wheels-on-the-bus gesture all day long. I hopeful she will sleep better tonight and feel more like herself tomorrow. Meanwhile, Laney had watermelon day at school yesterday and reports a grand time despite her hatred of watermelon. And Kaya seems to be enjoying Little Farmers summer camp. They had a dance party at a local restaurant with Yoya tonight and look like they are doing just fine. Sorry no pictures today – the only picture I took is a picture of Maggie’s central line site which looks a bit gnarly but I’ll spare you that one.

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