Farewell 5200. Tour of the unit part 3

You might be wondering, how does one exercise while swapping one’s DNA with someone else? The answer, by walking up and down an L-shaped corridor over and over. Today we look at the 5200 hallway. Since Maggie spends 99 percent of her time in her room, the hallway eventually comes to feel like “outside.” One of the things I do with Maggie as much as possible is take her for walks, and I find myself using the phrase, “want to go out for a walk?”

2 thoughts on “Farewell 5200. Tour of the unit part 3

  1. Both Tom and Tracy have devoted themselves in these halls and rooms of the Bone Marrow Transplant unit of Duke Hospital. Along with the devoted nurses and doctors and staff, Maggie received so much love and care. As Maggie’s grandma, I can’t thank everyone enough. She is a lucky little girl to have so much love along her journey.


  2. Yes. Can’t tell you how many times I walked up and down that hall with DS2!! Baba is right. TONS of love and care to be found at Duke PBMT!!!


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