Buddy Bolden

I took Maggie to the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke. It’s walking distance from Ronald McDonald House. On Thursday nights it’s open late and often quite empty of people. Becuase of all the art, it’s also very low on UV light, which is also great. Maggie is super light sensitive because she’s taking a prophylactic anti-fungal called Voriconazole. She will often get what appears to be a sunburn from being in direct sun for about 20 seconds.

Anyway, at the Nasher, they were showing a video tribute to Buddy Bolden. Many consider Bolden to be the originator of what would later be called Jazz.

The movie was super creepy. Apparently, Bolden lived a tortured life and was institutionalized at 30 for schizophrenia, which was something they tried to and succeeded at capturing in the film. Maggie is too young to grasp the adult themes but found the bright lights, big people, and droning music fascinating.

3 thoughts on “Buddy Bolden

  1. I can just barely make out Maggie’s bald head in your photo. It feels good to have had an outing that wasn’t a clinic visit, doesn’t it?!?!


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