Meeting of Titans

Maggie and her new best buddy Mila finally got together for some play time! Here they are playing ball at Ronald McDonald House.

Also, this was the first day that Maggie didn’t have to go to the hospital at all for either lab work or some kind of infusion. A full day off. The day felt strangely long.

6 thoughts on “Meeting of Titans

  1. Look at that sweet Maggie smile while she plays with sweet Au Pair Mila. This is a darling picture; Best buds to be!!!❤ Great news on the Clinic visit!


  2. Hi am continually praying that God will continue to heal. Thanks for the card and picture of Maggie and her quilt. The quilting ladies said thank you and are vomiting to pray for her along with my Church Comgreatiom. Please let us know of Amy needs that you may have 😇


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