Button faux pas

Found this picture gem in the “Duke Pediatric BMT Family Support Newsletter,” in which Maggie is heavily featured. I am pleased that it feels like this was already a long time ago. Tommy made buttons one day (while Maggie was in the hospital) with the BMT family support team and brought them home for the girls. But, it turns out the nurses all wear buttons of their patients and there’s a bit of an unwritten rule on 5200 that you are supposed to give a button with your kid to your primary nurse and favorite nurses. We unfortunately broke this rule, because we didn’t have any buttons left, and didn’t make any of just Maggie. And then I never got it together to make more buttons (Maggie tended to sleep through button-making hour). There are lots of unwritten rules on 5200 and I’ve actually considered making a new binder – there is an official Parents’ Handbook, but they really need an unofficial one. Things I would include: 1) You are supposed to make a button for your favorite nurses/primary nurse, 2) To silence an IV beeping, hit the yellow button on the middle screen of the IV pole, 3) Food service is a nightmare and there is lots of food you can order that is not on the menu you are given, 4) Steve the sharps guy is super nice and you should befriend him and he will make you a wood carving, and 5) If you ever go to the PICU, ask for room 9 or 10.


2 thoughts on “Button faux pas

  1. We apparently committed a 5200 button faux pas, as well. Who knew?! Being an angst-y teen at the time, DS2 usually opted out of button-making hour.


  2. That’s an awesome list already. Adding some stuff here in case this guide actually comes into being. Other things I would add: (6) The one and only washing machine finishes 20 minutes faster than reported when you hit start. Set your alarm accordingly to avoid being ‘that guy who left his clothes in there for 20 minutes doing nothing.’ (7) The dryer will dry your clothes in one cycle IF and ONLY IF, you know the secret settings. You want “cotton” and the overlooked 2nd dial set on “very”. (8) Use a dedicated collapsible bag for shuttling supplies in and out of the unit. It’s much easier if you have something that you know is always ‘clean’. (9) The coffee sucks, and you’ll want good coffee. Here’s a solution: Get concentrated cold brew coffee from Starbucks and keep it in a Nalgene in the fridge in your room. Then, ice it, and dilute it later. To fill a 1L Nalgene with ~8 servings of coffee order “coldbrew, trenta, no special, no ice, no water”: ~$4.50 ($0.56/serving) (10) if you have a baby or interact with the floor at all, clean your own floor daily with anti-septic wipes. Those shoe covers go into every room C. Diff or no. (11) Use a sharpie to label your water/milk/coffee/etc. it washes off perfectly with the ubiquitously available alcohol wipe. (12) Top up your 30-use parking pass as soon as people start talking discharge. It’s worth $240. (13) Order dinner for the nurses as soon as you have your head above water. Pro-tip, they don’t like sweet things, so no cakes/cookies/brownies. I suggest Heavenly Buffaloes. (14) If you have business calls, use the hope lodge, it’s a great space that is under-utilized. These things keep popping and popping. I’ll bet we could fill a book with this stuff.


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