Family Resemblance?

Here’s Maggie, double fisting chicken nuggets at her clinic visit today. Does this remind you of anyone else in the family? Daddy?

Also, Maggie was readmitted to Duke 5200 today. She has a pericardial effusion, i.e. fluid build up around her heart. Per Maggie’s doctors, this is most likely “immune-mediated” meaning it’s caused by an off-shoot of her new immune system getting confused about all these funny looking heart cells and recruiting fluid to the area to help get rid of the pesky heart. It’s a lot like puss surrounding a splinter, except it’s on a larger scale.

The next step is to mechanically drain the fluid using a tube, which is a surgical procedure. Also, since fluid will continue to develop, the tube will be left in so it can be used to drain more fluid periodically. All of this boils down to more time in the hospital on 5200. Out of the ~463 pediatric transplant patients at Duke in recent years, approximately 10% had a pericardial effusion side effect such as this.

2 thoughts on “Family Resemblance?

  1. Hmm… What does Daddy say about the chicken-nugget-induced family resemblance??? Sorry to hear that Maggie is back in the hospital due to this new complication. Get better soon, Maggie!


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