Driving in my car

Well, day three back in the unit and Maggie’s pericardial effusion is back. They drained 50cc the first day, 5cc, yesterday, and 70cc today. Tracy thinks the draw yesterday was stopped prematurely because of a kink in the drain line, so we don’t have good data on the rate of fluid buildup other than at least 70cc every two days.

The effusion fluid appeared redder today, but we tested it and it had a hematocrit of only 2. (Compared to Maggie’s blood which has a hematocrit of ~29). Meaning, the fluid was <10% blood. Whatever the fluid is, it continues to be produced prodigiously. We’ll wait to see what drains tomorrow. Our hospital stay now has no particular end in sight.

In the mean time: let’s go for a drive!

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