Outpatient care inpatient

I was pretty strict with both Kaya and Laney at 18 months that 1) no screen time and 2) no pacifiers except to sleep (for Kaya, I had already taken it away cold turkey by now). Maggie, however, I fear I am turning into a ipad/pacifier monster. Because this is now day 11 in the hospital (this time) with a toddler that feels perfectly fine. And Mr. Ipad and Doggie the Paci are really getting her through. Luckily they let us roam around the hospital today. Her drain is putting out less and less and tomorrow she will get another echo to make the final decision on her need for surgery, which is tentatively planned for Monday. I have managed to get her hospital interventions down to: vitals every 8 hours, labs only three times week, electrolyte replacement on the outpatient scales (instead of the aggressive, inpatient ones), and all oral meds. So she hasn’t even been hooked up to an IV for days. Hoping we are not here too much longer.


3 thoughts on “Outpatient care inpatient

  1. I remember both of those rules with Kaya and Laney, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Just look how chill Maggie is in that picture!


  2. I think you should put your concerns about the pacifier at the very bottom of your list of concerns. Sometimes you just have to do what works and you have all been through a lot. It is amazing that she tolerates as much as she does. You are doing a great job!


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