Shower shopping

We’ve had a busy week at home – Maggie’s need for isolation means that someone has to stay home with her most of the time, and that translates into Tommy and I splitting up and playing zone with the kids. We essentially just switch off who is taking care which kids and then go to bed. For some reason 1 adult watching 1.5children is much harder than 2 adults watching 3 children. But this current existence is a whole lot better than being in the hospital!

This weekend, during one of my mommy-Maggie stints, I got really bored at home and took her to Lowes. She loved walking around and climbing on and off all the displays. I can’t really take her anywhere crowded or enclosed with people, but Lowes is spacious and airy and you can wander around for hours.


1 thought on “Shower shopping

  1. Hmm… Never thought to take DS2 to Lowe’s during his “solitary confinement” period. Not sure it would have held the same appeal for a 14 year old. LOL!!


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