Caught Up

Tommy is gallivanting around the Bahamas this weekend with his old childhood buddy Carlos, so the girls and I took the opportunity to rearrange the entire house. We moved into this house at the end of March and within a week, Max died and Maggie was diagnosed with a permanent disability (hearing loss that week, but that quickly morphed into something much more). April and May were a blur of trying to find my stuff in boxes and taking Maggie to doctors’ appointments. And then I was away for all of June-September. She was then readmitted a week after we got home in October, and then I stayed with Baba for a week because everyone was sick at home. So this is really the first chance I’ve had to choose which side of the closet to hang my skirts. Plus the weather was too cold for the girls to want to ride their bikes, and Maggie can’t hang out at any of our typical indoor destinations, so we stayed home. I am proud to say that I finally unpacked Maggie’s hospital stuff, the house is clean, there are no unpacked moving boxes in the house (still a couple in the garage), my laundry is caught up, all 3 kids had baths all 3 nights, I managed to vacuum while Maggie was napping (so as not to break the “don’t let her be around a recently vacuumed room for at least an hour” rule), and the older girls were asleep by 7 (Maggie can’t go to sleep that early lest she miss her cyclosporine). I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be right back in the thick of vomity screechy disorganized life, but tonight I am feeling accomplished.

Unrelated photo from a few weeks ago when Maggie was in the hospital, so the whole family could not attend our scheduled Christmas picture photographer mini-session. But Tommy, Kaya, and Laney went and I got this gem to smile at for all of eternity. Photo credit: the wondrous Danell Beede.



3 thoughts on “Caught Up

  1. Well, this was a great wrap-up of the last 8 months. So glad you organized yourself and the house. You must feel relieved! It was a very trying time for you and Tommy and you both deserve many congratulations! The girls are so excited to have their mommy back in the house and I bet they loved helping you. Happy times! Just love this picture!


    • And, of course, the girls LOVE having their baby sister Maggie home. And Maggie is enjoying them every minute! Instant playgroup! We all are very lucky!❤


  2. What a whirlwind!! Congrats on getting everything put away. What a sweet picture of Kaya and Laney! Here’s hoping that Tommy had a great time with his friend.


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