Walking and talking

Maggie has been QUITE busy at home lately – in the last few weeks, she has starting walking AND talking. And she has really taken to her new best bud (au pair) Mila after finally getting to spend some solid hours with her. She will actually prefer Mila over me fairly often (which makes a lot of sense, because by all objective standards, Mila is much more fun than me). The one thing Maggie just can’t seem to learn to do, however, is sleep! Or eat iron-laden foods. Here’s a nice picture of my furry walking, talking baby.


3 thoughts on “Walking and talking

  1. Hey, Maggie Muffin, being around your sisters has really been good for you! It is nice to have all that 4 and 6 year old tornado-activity to follow! So happy you and Mila are good friends, too. And Gammi, too! My goodness, you have lots of friends! See you soon….I wonder if you will surprise me with the word BaBa. If not, we’ll work on it! Love the bow in your hair!


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